4 Things to Look for in a Translation Company

In today’s day and age, the need for businesses to seek a partnership with a multilingual translation company is higher than ever. Corporations are opening up offices in multiple countries, brands are marketing their products abroad, and manufacturers are working with partnering organizations on the other side of the globs–all reasons why finding a high quality translation company is so paramount to a healthy bottom line. This article is intended to help organizations know how to identify a top quality translation company capable of helping them hit their goals and increase productivity and revenue.


  1. Number of Languages the Translation Company Specializes In

Even if you find a translation company that offers a wide range of services in your target language, you are better off to see just how many languages they offer as a wide range signifies the depth of talent, resources and capabilities. Look for a translation company that performs multiple services in more than 100 languages. Offering services in more than 100 languages is a clear sign that the translation company has multiple teams that are well-trained, highly responsive, and that have a number of other attributes that show they can offer such support at the highest, most demanding levels. 


  1. How Long the Translation Company has Been in Business

Finding a translation company that has been in business for decades is a living testimony to their greatness. The markets demanding multilingual translation services have fluctuated, then as technology started its rapid advancement in the mid 90s, companies discovered new needs for multilingual translation services in a way that could integrate with their CRMs, intranets and other platforms. Look for a translation company that has been in business for at least 30 years. Three decades is a solid testimony to skillset, as the timeframe demonstrates the company was able to ride the storm, then evolve their services to offer solutions to tech-driven companies with specific needs. 


  1. Availability

Your company, or at least divisions of it, likely work around the clock. So why partner with a translation company that holds nine to five business hours, especially when you have sectors overseas that run in very different time zones? Make sure your translation company is available 24/7 and capable of making last minute changes to projects on demand, regardless of the time or day. 


  1. Quantity and Quality of Clients

When you narrow down your list of translation companies, check their client roster or portfolio. You will want to see a large number of clients, and that comes from a variety of industries. If in fact your translation company has been in business for three decades, then 1000 is a good number of clients for them to have served in that time period. Once you have identified respectful quantity, look at the quality. Clients should come from the biggest industries ranging from healthcare to legal, and from finance to consumer products. 

Once you can find a translation company that adheres to these four points, you are off to a good start in forming a valuable relationship.

What to Look for in an Online Spanish Tutor for High School Students Wanting to Increase Conversational Skills

There are many reasons why high school students study Spanish. Many high school students are required to take a language to graduate, and Spanish is the most popular language for a number of reasons. After English, it is the most frequently spoken language in America, it is a top international language and therefore adds value when you seek employment in your adult years, and millions of people have ancestral roots that link to Spanish. That said, there are many high school students who study Spanish not only so they can graduate with a language, but so they can improve their conversational skills to connect with family, have a rounded experience when travelling to places like Spain, Mexico or Costa Rica, and so they can be more marketable once they enter the workforce. And for all the above reasons, language companies offering an online Spanish tutor for high school students are more popular than ever. And this article is intended to help you find the best online Spanish tutor capable of helping you achieve your goals. 

Look for an Online Spanish Tutor that Works According to Your Time

Being a high school student is a full-time job. With a full load of classes, sports programs, extra curricular activities, family time, and other obligations finding the time to meet with an online Spanish tutor can he difficult and you likely have a small window of time. This is why it is  paramount to find an online Spanish tutor that will meet with you when you have the time. Whether it is at 6AM before ice skating practice, or 9PM before you go to bed, find an online Spanish tutor that works according to your clock. 

Native Language Speaker

Your online Spanish tutor should be a native language speaker. Someone can be certified as a fluent Spanish language speaker, but there can still be a lot of things lost in translation if the person didn’t grow up speaking Spanish within a cultural setting. Slang, expressions, emphasis placement and a number of other things aren’t always taken into account when someone passes a Spanish fluency exam. But an online Spanish tutor who is also a native language speaker will give you the best experience in mastering the Spanish language. 

Teaching Style

Look for an online Spanish tutor that can help you learn according to your learning style. Whether you are an overachiever and want an online Spanish tutor in addition to your high school Spanish classes, or you have difficulty learning in a traditional classroom setting and need one-on-one attention from a real time online Spanish tutor, make sure they build their instructional foundation on how you absorb information so they can work with you, at your pace, according to your style, and not based on some textbook method. This way you are more likely to be successful and completely fluent in Spanish upon completion of the program.

What are Military Power Supplies and How do Our Armed Forces use Them?

Military power supplies comprise of a large range of custom power solutions for a plethora of needs. From power-dense switching AC DC power supplies, to magnetics, military power supplies are designed to withstand extreme environments found in active war zones while ensuring reliability, light-weight specs, and adaptability to a number of other programs allowing for real-time modifications to be made in the middle of a timely action. 

The first step is for contractors and project managers to find a high-quality military power supplies manufacturer that can customize items like AC to DC inverters, to meet specific needs. This article in intended to help the general public know what military power supplies are, how they strengthen our armed forces, and give military contractors some insight into finding the best military power supplies provider that can offer the right custom solutions. 

AC to DC Military Power Supplies

AC to DC military power supplies help convert DC currencies from AC in a clean and quiet manner. The best military power supplies companies making AC to DC converters and inverters will work with military contractors and engineers to customize these devices for specific tasks. For example, a Naval contractor working with the Navy Corp of Engineers could partner with a military power supplies company to create a device that captures data every time a jet lands on an aircraft carrier and hooks itself to the cable. This data could then be fed into a custom dashboard that relays this information to ground crews, or strategic commanders overseeing fleet activity. That said, if the device reading every jet landing uses AC current and the dashboard relies on an intricate system with DC power, then not only must the device transfer current types but it must also be highly resilient to moisture (if not waterproof) and be able to withstand high impacts like that of jets landing and taking off. 

Compliance and Testing

The best military power supplies are engineered, tested in simulated combat environments, and qualified in order to adhere to strict compliance demands. Part of meeting compliance demands means that military power supplies models are available in different grades based on environmental requirements and temperatures to enable a reliable, cost-effective product with a long lifecycle. For example, an AC to DC inverter that might be part of a solution to launch missiles from submarines as deep as 2000 feet would be inherently different from an AC to DC inverter used to switch weapon types and launch missiles from an F-16 fighter jet at 40,000 feet ging MACH two. All military power supplies need to be rigorously tested in their appropriate environments, with a quality control team monitoring every step of the process, to ensure a reliable product that will help our military complete their missions. 

What Types of Businesses Profit from Installing a Commercial Cell Phone Charging Station?

Today’s buyer, spectator, and all around average person stays glued to their mobile phones. We are living in the middle of a tech boom, and using technology to make decisions ranging from what movie to see, to creating a grocery shopping list, to add further enjoyment to spectator sports, has become second nature. There are a number of industries and businesses that can certainly expect to see higher revenue from investing in a commercial cell phone charging station (or several). This article is intended to help educate business owners, regional managers, directors, and planners learn why a cell phone charging station adds value to various types of retail and public spaces. 

Cell Phone Charging Station for Sports Stadiums

Adding a cell phone charging station to multiple locations in a sports stadium can be a great way to increase ticket sales and revenue from concessions and souvenir stands. Think about the typical behavior of someone at a MLB game or a college football game: people are taking tons of photos, posting them to social media, are looking up other scores in real time across the league, and sometimes they listen to the game being called. Then there’s the universal need for a phone all people have: to be reached in the event of an emergency, and to stay in touch with friends and family. A 2016 Quora report revealed that more than 40 percent of people who attend sports events are constantly concerned about their phones running out of battery power.  That said, by installing a multi-device cell phone charging station throughout a stadium, in places where the field is visible, and near concession stands and souvenir shops, people are more inclined to go to games, and spend money on food and other items. 

Cell Phone Charging Stations for School Campuses and Libraries

Having a multi-device cell phone charging station at school campuses and libraries not only enhances the student and guest experience, it also enhances safety measures. Unfortunately, school violence, namely shootings, have gone up, and only continue to do so. By having a cell phone charging station located throughout a campus and libraries, students and parents will feel safer and have greater confidence, and employees and faculty members will enjoy the same benefits. 

Adding a Cell Phone Charging Station to Retail Stores Increases Sales

Shopping is an activity enjoyed by millions that can often monopolize a good chunk of the day, if not all of it. And needless to say, shoppers are concerned about their phones dying. Today’s buyers are savvy; they use their mobile devices to read product reviews, compare products, and price-check. In fact, multiple studies show that when customers have the ability to research products in the store, they are more likely to buy. Furthermore, when customers know that a store has a cell phone charging station, they are significantly more inclined to go into that store, charge their phones, and browse the aisles, and we all know that more foot traffic adds to higher sales.

3 Tips to Find the Best Solar Panel Companies in California

When it comes to finding the best solar panel companies in California, there are a number of things to look for in order to guarantee you are truly working with a reputable solar system company. Clearly, cost and projected savings are paramount when looking for the best solar panel companies, and because California has so many new companies springing up, knowing how to navigate all the various options is extremely important. Therefore, this article is intended to help residential and commercial property owners learn the three most crucial things to look for in finding the best solar panel companies in California that can help you pocket the most savings.


  1. The Best Solar Panel Companies have Amazing Solar Panel Warranties

Solar panel warranties are extremely important to pay attention to when researching the best solar panel companies in California. You will want to take a look at the various things the solar panel warranties cover, as well as the time length of coverage. 

There are a lot of solar panel companies in Los Angeles that proudly advertise a 10 year warranty on the solar panel system and a performance guarantee. They also present this as being an amazing deal, but in reality, it isn’t at all. Instead, the best solar panel companies will offer a 25 year warranty on not just the solar panels and a performance guarantee, but also on the roof, racking, craftsmanship, and the inverter. This is crucial because if solar panel companies make even the slightest mistake in the installation process, the roof can be damaged and this damage can increase over time. All it takes is for the first rain of the season to come, enter your home’s structure going unnoticed for months, until leaks start to occur and by then you likely have a mold problem and thousands of dollars worth of water damage. 


  1. Look for Solar Panel Companies that have Been in Business for at Least a Decade

You may not care how long your laundromat has been in business, but when it comes to working with the top solar panel companies in Los Angeles (or any city) the time they have been in business is hyper important. Solar panel companies in California, especially in LA, some and go. The industry is very competitive, and many can’t even survive their first two years in business. So why is this important? Because only solar panel companies that install the product can make repairs, adjustments, or do maintenance without voiding the warranty. This means you need to only consider solar panel companies that show no sign of going out of business if you expect to be protected by your solar panel warranty, and a company that has survived in this business for 10 years clearly isn’t going anywhere. 


  1. Look for Solar Panel Companies that Offer Free Estimates with Savings Projections

Getting a free estimate from solar panel companies is very standard, but when they actually analyze your utility bill, determine your electricity usage throughout the year, and are able to show you when your solar panel system will have already paid for itself, you have peace of mind knowing that you are making a solid investment, while working with an honest solar panel company that presents all of your data, and not theirs.

3 Reasons Why Case Construction Equipment Offers Tremendous Value

Urban planners, residential builders, landscape architects, fleet managers for large corporations and a number of other professionals are involved in professional roles where their ability to do their job well is, partially, measured by their ability to maintain a cost-effective, reliable arsenal of construction machinery. From purchasing to maintenance and beyond, there are a number of micro responsibilities that feed into the overarching one. That said, finding construction equipment that garners maximum value for a number of reasons is highly beneficial, but not all fleet managers know why Case construction equipment will give the best value across the board. This article is intended to help professionals whose job is to invest and manage construction equipment learn why Case construction machinery offers the best value compared to other brands. 


  1. Case Construction Equipment Offers Long Life Cycles

Fleet managers who are intimate with the Case brand will not even think twice when it comes to investing in Case construction equipment because the construction machines have the longest life cycle on their machines. For example, the Case G Series wheel loaders were recognized as having the longest life cycles due to the engineering that went into providing real-world benefits operators face on a daily basis that far exceed industry standards while designing all benefits around creating a total lowest cost of ownership. 


  1. Case Construction Equipment is Award-Winning

Reliability leads to value, and you know you have heaps of value when you invest in wheel loaders, dozers, excavators and other heavy construction machinery that has won numerous accolades. And Case construction equipment has won numerous awards. We already talked about the G Series wheel loaders, so let’s continue looking at thee construction machines. The G Series wheel loaders won Best-in-Class Breakout Force thanks to its patented SCR engine technology and all new cab with user comfort improvements, like implementing ergonomics for added operator comfort–something that leads to better efficiency and fewer mistakes. 


  1. 24/7 Availability, for Any Need

Another reason why Case construction equipment offers a plethora of value for any fleet manager is that Case dealerships are available 24/7, 365 days a year. It can be 2AM, and if your dozer stops working and you still have miles of snow to remove and you simply need a spare part to ameliorate the problem, you can call Google search “Case dealership near me”, find one in close proximity, and go get your part so your project stays on schedule. Having 24/7 access to Case construction equipment dealerships also means you can take your machine in for an emergency repair, and get instant access to a rental in the meantime. Investing in construction equipment from dealers that are open 9-5 is not a solid investment, as your projects run 24/7, so finding a heavy construction equipment dealer like Case that’s open all day, every day, rain or shine, 24/7 around the clock offers the best value and helps keep you on the road, no matter what.