In today’s day and age, the need for businesses to seek a partnership with a multilingual translation company is higher than ever. Corporations are opening up offices in multiple countries, brands are marketing their products abroad, and manufacturers are working with partnering organizations on the other side of the globs–all reasons why finding a high quality translation company is so paramount to a healthy bottom line. This article is intended to help organizations know how to identify a top quality translation company capable of helping them hit their goals and increase productivity and revenue.


  1. Number of Languages the Translation Company Specializes In

Even if you find a translation company that offers a wide range of services in your target language, you are better off to see just how many languages they offer as a wide range signifies the depth of talent, resources and capabilities. Look for a translation company that performs multiple services in more than 100 languages. Offering services in more than 100 languages is a clear sign that the translation company has multiple teams that are well-trained, highly responsive, and that have a number of other attributes that show they can offer such support at the highest, most demanding levels. 


  1. How Long the Translation Company has Been in Business

Finding a translation company that has been in business for decades is a living testimony to their greatness. The markets demanding multilingual translation services have fluctuated, then as technology started its rapid advancement in the mid 90s, companies discovered new needs for multilingual translation services in a way that could integrate with their CRMs, intranets and other platforms. Look for a translation company that has been in business for at least 30 years. Three decades is a solid testimony to skillset, as the timeframe demonstrates the company was able to ride the storm, then evolve their services to offer solutions to tech-driven companies with specific needs. 


  1. Availability

Your company, or at least divisions of it, likely work around the clock. So why partner with a translation company that holds nine to five business hours, especially when you have sectors overseas that run in very different time zones? Make sure your translation company is available 24/7 and capable of making last minute changes to projects on demand, regardless of the time or day. 


  1. Quantity and Quality of Clients

When you narrow down your list of translation companies, check their client roster or portfolio. You will want to see a large number of clients, and that comes from a variety of industries. If in fact your translation company has been in business for three decades, then 1000 is a good number of clients for them to have served in that time period. Once you have identified respectful quantity, look at the quality. Clients should come from the biggest industries ranging from healthcare to legal, and from finance to consumer products. 

Once you can find a translation company that adheres to these four points, you are off to a good start in forming a valuable relationship.