If there is a fact that increasingly worries Mexican families, it is the well-being, of their property and their loved ones, because despite the fact that self-care and social responsibility prevail, it is true that no one is infallible, and it will never be possible exempt from illness or accident, as well as suffering from vandalism.

Faced with this situation, insurance arises, which consists of a contract between an insurance company and an individual, in which the latter agrees to pay a certain amount of money in exchange for the company to cover expenses of several kinds in the event that adversity happens such as a robbery, accident, among others.

However, for many it is difficult to get insurance due to the price, since most of the companies that insure offer very high values ​​for the policies, which is why there are many families that are not insured. However, not everything has to be inaccessible, so today we will show you the prices that insurance has in Mexico.

Car insurance

One of the most important insurance is the one of cars, because the expenses that usually originate in a workshop on account of an accident are usually very high, there are many types of insurance policies for vehicles, each one has a price according to what they cover, as well as a value that can vary between companies.

Cheaper ones typically cost less than $1,000 MXN, so it is possible to afford it by earning a minimum wage, an economy car insurance usually covers basic events such as accidents or theft of the vehicle, in which case a part of the value of the car is returned.

Some of the most expensive have a price higher than $4,000 MXN, and cover all kinds of risks, in addition to the basic ones, including vandalism, punctures, major expenses in repairs, spare parts, among others. These policies can provide a replacement car in the event that the initial one becomes unusable or is stolen.

These insurances can be internationalized, as there are people with Mexican car insurance  San Diego, California, which is on the border with Tijuana, who can access insurance benefits in local workshops regardless of whether they are in another country.

Health insurance 

Health insurance is more relevant than auto insurance, as this can cover risks that more people may suffer, such as cardiovascular diseases and even cancer. These generally cover some or all of major medical expenses such as open-heart surgeries and expensive medications.

A root canal in Tijuana can be expensive depending on the number of teeth to be treated. The cheapest medical insurance, which usually costs from $600 to $800 MXN, covers damages such as injuries resulting from assaults, or medicines to treat some diseases. This category also covers treatments associated with pregnancy and postpartum.