When a person is thinking about having plastic surgery, there are many factors that must be taken into account before making the decision to actually have it done. As we know that we are in an era where access to plastic surgery is much greater than before and that more and more people are thinking of making some kind of arrangement with some plastic surgery, since it has been discovered that it is not as difficult as it was thought or rather that there is not as much of a problem in recovery, something that was thought before, along with the idea that plastic surgeries were very expensive, however today there are many options, such as plastic surgery Tijuana, in which we can save a lot of money and still get excellent quality results. 

In spite of this, there are still some places where it is not safe to have plastic surgery and in fact there are quite a few factors that have to be taken into account before making the decision to have surgery, here are some of them. 

When you find a place to have plastic surgery there are some questions you can ask the doctor in charge in order to see if the place and the specialists are really reliable. 

The first question that always has to be asked is if the person who is going to be in charge of carrying out the operation is a specialist, we should not be afraid to ask this type of question, because we have to remember that we are practically putting our lives in the hands of these people, so it is important that we have certain considerations and that we do not forget that we are paying for a service, so we have to ensure that we get exactly what we are looking for, ie the best possible results. 

It is also important to ask for the necessary documentation and permits that allow us to operate so that we can really make sure that we are being served by professionals. It is important to emphasize that the person has to have specialty in plastic and reconstructive surgery

Asking the doctor about his training is also indispensable, he has to have a lot of experience to ensure that his work is the best, no doctor becomes a plastic surgeon overnight, first has to finish his career in medicine and then has to specialize in order to move from being a general surgeon to a specialist in plastic and reconstructive surgery. 

When you visit the clinic it is important to verify that it has the necessary permits in case of an emergency, the clinic should be specialized and not a simple office, it should have certain permits. 

It is important that we verify all these kind of things because as we well know at the end of the day what is cheap ends up being expensive, so we do not risk wanting to save money operating in a place that is not safe and in which we will probably not get the results we want and in the worst case we end up damaging our health as well.