Military power supplies comprise of a large range of custom power solutions for a plethora of needs. From power-dense switching AC DC power supplies, to magnetics, military power supplies are designed to withstand extreme environments found in active war zones while ensuring reliability, light-weight specs, and adaptability to a number of other programs allowing for real-time modifications to be made in the middle of a timely action. 

The first step is for contractors and project managers to find a high-quality military power supplies manufacturer that can customize items like AC to DC inverters, to meet specific needs. This article in intended to help the general public know what military power supplies are, how they strengthen our armed forces, and give military contractors some insight into finding the best military power supplies provider that can offer the right custom solutions. 

AC to DC Military Power Supplies

AC to DC military power supplies help convert DC currencies from AC in a clean and quiet manner. The best military power supplies companies making AC to DC converters and inverters will work with military contractors and engineers to customize these devices for specific tasks. For example, a Naval contractor working with the Navy Corp of Engineers could partner with a military power supplies company to create a device that captures data every time a jet lands on an aircraft carrier and hooks itself to the cable. This data could then be fed into a custom dashboard that relays this information to ground crews, or strategic commanders overseeing fleet activity. That said, if the device reading every jet landing uses AC current and the dashboard relies on an intricate system with DC power, then not only must the device transfer current types but it must also be highly resilient to moisture (if not waterproof) and be able to withstand high impacts like that of jets landing and taking off. 

Compliance and Testing

The best military power supplies are engineered, tested in simulated combat environments, and qualified in order to adhere to strict compliance demands. Part of meeting compliance demands means that military power supplies models are available in different grades based on environmental requirements and temperatures to enable a reliable, cost-effective product with a long lifecycle. For example, an AC to DC inverter that might be part of a solution to launch missiles from submarines as deep as 2000 feet would be inherently different from an AC to DC inverter used to switch weapon types and launch missiles from an F-16 fighter jet at 40,000 feet ging MACH two. All military power supplies need to be rigorously tested in their appropriate environments, with a quality control team monitoring every step of the process, to ensure a reliable product that will help our military complete their missions.