If you own or manage a commercial property in NJ, you may not be aware of a potential lurking hazard that could cripple your business: buried oil tanks. At the turn of the century, underground oil tanks were used across New Jersey to provide heat and hot water to homes and businesses. But these oil tanks have a lifetime value of 80 to 100 years before they start disintegrating into the ground. This means that they have long since started leaking petroleum, toxins and even carcinogens into soil and groundwater. 

The real danger of businesses being impacted by a leaking oil tank isn’t so much a result from the contaminated soil, but from the financially crushing fines the state of New Jersey and the US government poses on property owners with leaking oil tanks, and these fines are issued whether the business was aware or not. Additionally, businesses can be temporarily or permanently shut down par the consequences. 

If your property was built at the turn of the century, or of the lot once had a structure from that time period, you should contact an oil tank removal NJ company for commercial properties to come perform a sweep and remove any oil tanks, along with any necessary soil remediation services. But how do you know which company will have your business in their best interest and offer you flawless service? This article will provide the essential tips. 

Years the Oil Tank Removal NJ Company has been in Business

For decades, New Jersey has seen numerous oil tank removal companies come and go. The industry has always been extremely competitive, and only the best providers are able to remain in business. That said, it is important to find an oil tank removal NJ company that has been in business for at least 30 years, as three decades is strong proof that the company is top quality for weathering the industry’s storms amidst rough competitive seas. Additionally, 30 years provides an impressive canvas of experience that should give companies peace of mind knowing their business is in capable hands. 

Certifications Held by the NJ Oil GTank Removal Company

Make sure the NJ oil tank removal company you partner with holds all the right certifications and licenses. These are the following certifications the provider should hold:

  • NJ Business Registration
  • NJ Div. of Property Management & Construction
  • NJ Div. of Consumer Affairs
  • NJ Employee Information Report
  • NJ DOT
  • NJ Schools Development
  • NJ Public Works Registration
  • NJ Solid Waste Transporter
  • NJ Small Business Enterprise
  • NJ Weights & Measures

Not only do these certifications testify to the company’s skills and dedication to safety and compliance, they also reveal that the provider does things by the book, and when it comes to your business reputation and a buried oil tank, you should demand no less.