Austin, TX is a giant playground for foodies.In addition, it presents tons of dining options for the busy lunch crowd, which is typically made up of working people and casual shoppers. This can make finding the best lunch downtown Austin has to offer fairly time-consuming, so this article is intended to help people speed up that process and hone in on the best lunch spot in Austin that will delight and evoke exciting flavors.

Look for a Lunch Downtown Austin Restaurant that is Fairly Unique

Most people enjoy lunch downtown Austin spots that have a known cuisine, but that tend to be uncommon. This way people aren’t left scratching their heads over sandwiches that use donuts, or other odd attempts. Instead, they can enjoy cuisine they have heard of, but simply isn’t as common as others. In this case, French restaurants are a popular lunch downtown Austin option because French food certainly isn’t as common as barbeque or Tex Mex, but its scarcity and luxurious ingredients make it exotic and therefore fitting for an adventurous lunch downtown Austin restaurant that offers dishes for everyone. 

What is on the Menu for the French Lunch Downtown Austin Restaurant?

In order for a French restaurant to be an exciting lunch downtown Austin has to offer, the menu must be authentic and have variety. Start by looking at the appetizers and side dishes. For example, classics like escargot, assorted oysters, a crudo, French onion soup, steak tartare and a cheese board should be expected in order to offer the true French experience.

Main courses should include mussels and fries (moules frites), croque monsieur, chicken paillard, and trout almondine. There should also be vegetarian options; often a popular dish will have a vegetarian spin, or there will be some vegetarian menu items like spinach grantinee, a vegetarian cassoulet, or a ratatouille made just like they do it in Nice. Ultimately, the best downtown Austin lunch spot that’s a French restaurant will have traditional food for all dietary needs. 

Dessert is the Cornerstone for Popular Lunch Downtown Austin Locations

Every amazing lunch ends with a dessert, and nobody does desserts like the French. When checking the menus look for classics such as creme brulee, chevre blancmange, Paris brest, and vacherin. There should also be smaller dessert options like macaroons, various sorbets and ice creams, and small pastries. Finally, a dessert cheese board with a sweet wine is an ideal way to end lunch!

Every Lunch at a French Restaurant in Downtown Austin Should Come with Wine

Finally, make sure French restaurant chosen for the lunch downtown Austin spot has a robust wine list. There should be a selection of Rosés, whites, reds and champagnes. You should also look for a wine list that represents all the regions of France. From Bordeaux to Avigon, and from Lyon to Normandy and the Loire Valley and beyond, a good robust wine list will cover them all.