In the city of Tijuana aesthetic procedures of high techniques are carried out and with excellent results, and by all known, but surgeries are also performed that directly affect the health of patients. Today we show you two of the most practiced. 

Root Canal in Tijuana

An endodontics is a treatment of the root canals, in which the dental pulp is removed. This happens because there are deep cavities that can lead to the death of the internal tissues of the tooth or tooth. 

Pulpitis or inflammation of the dental pulp due to infection can be caused by caries, abrasion trauma, erosion or bruxism. This usually manifests with pain of varying degrees, particularly against cold or heat, with a sensitivity that can become really uncomfortable. 

A root canal has a particular procedure, which begins with local anesthesia, which if applied only when there is no infection or inflammation of the gum. In case this happens, the infection must be treated with antibiotics previously, otherwise the anesthesia will have no effect. 

Then a hole is made in the crown of the tooth through which the pulp will be extracted and the tooth will be isolated from the body. The ducts are cleaned to make them completely aseptic and then it is sealed, that is, it is sealed so that the piece is complete and also insensitive. 

Subsequently, the patient must return to a control in which an x-ray will be made, and a follow-up for a few months. 

Gastric Band Surgery

Now in Tijuana there is gastric band surgery, one of the procedures that is being used the most to reduce weight. Not everyone is eligible for this type of surgery, but if they do get approved, it helps you lose weight fast. 

The procedure consists of placing a band on the upper part of the stomach, in order to narrow the space of the stomach, making the person feel full, with less food. 

Although the initial weight loss is not great, the eating habits are changing and for a prolonged period, amazing results can be achieved. Gastric sleeve surgery has been practiced for some years with excellent results. 

Gastric Sleeve Surgery In Tijuana is so important that even some Americans have come to have surgery in the city, both because of its costs and its results. 

Both root canals and gastric band surgery are important and delicate procedures that must be done by professionals and with all the necessary elements, so be sure to make a very detailed consultation about the people and clinics where they will carry you out. the different procedures. 

Remember that it is necessary to make an investigation prior to any health treatment, so that you know everything about it and can identify what criteria must be met and how it is a professional in the field.

Of course, professionals must be certified and also clinics too. Remember that your health and well-being are essential, so you must demand compliance with all the requirements, and in Tijuana you have the best professionals in both areas.