Tijuana is one of the largest cities in Mexico just across the border from the United States, and every year thousands of people cross the border in search of much cheaper medical care and of high quality. This means that there are some treatments with more trends for the year 2020, including the All on 4 treatment.

What Is The All-on 4 Procedure?

The all on 4 dental implants Tijuana basically, consists of having four dental implants inserted in the upper or lower jaw, so that they act as a stable base that allows joining an arch of false teeth, thus changing the traditional tooth box for a more effective method that allows the patient to eat any type of food without worrying that their teeth will fall out or even break.

If you are a person who has lost most of your teeth, you can be a suitable candidate to receive the all on 4 procedure, as long as you are prepared to extract the teeth that you still have. The great advantages of the All on 4 is that the implants are safe, they look natural, a bone graft is not required, and tooth extractions, implant placement, and new teeth are carried out in a single session, so It will not generate too much disability time, reducing discomfort for patients.

This procedure requires careful planning, so CT scans will be performed so that the dentist can verify exactly what the current state of the teeth is and where to place the implants for optimal stability. Impressions of your mouth are also made to make new teeth that look totally natural. The All on 4 dental procedure lasts about 2 hours and is performed under local anesthesia. It can produce some bruises and of course some discomfort, so you should have approximately 15 days to fully recover, during these days it is important to eat soft foods and drink water in order to stay healthy and avoid any problem. 

Cosmetic Surgery Another Trend In 2020

Cosmetic surgery Tijuana is taking an upward trend since many people come from the United States looking for this type of procedure both for its quality and for the economy it represents, since it is done at much cheaper prices than in North America. 

Cosmetic surgery includes procedures for the breasts either in augmentation reduction or remodeling, in the ears to reduce the size of the very large ears or bring them closer to the head if they are very protruding.

Also from the eyes to correct the drooping of the upper eyelid or eliminate bags under the eyes, on the face to eliminate wrinkles, folds or acne scars on the nose to change its shape and stylize it, on the hair to fill bald areas with its own hair, and of course, abdominoplasty and gluteal operations for its increase and firming. All these treatments are performed in order to help women and men to feel comfortable with their bodies, and have all that they always wanted.

These are the two trending treatments in 2020 Which one do you want?